Ramona High School mathematics requirements and suggestions:
  • To graduate: three years of mathematics at RHS (Math II minimum requirement)
  • Recommended: for college four years of mathematics at RHS


The power of mathematical thought is not reserved for the academic elite. Every student can and should learn to find pleasure and utility in mathematics. Student success depends on mastering prior standards and on the effort they expend. Students should understand mathematics when presented symbolically (algebra), graphically (charts, diagrams), and numerically (tables). From operations with fractions and decimals to concepts like “instantaneous rates of change,” the usefulness and relevance of mathematics will be emphasized.  Technology in the form of computer lab use and integration of the graphics calculator will be implemented when relevant and appropriate. The grade of “C” is required for progression to the next course in the sequence. Summer school remediation is offered for low performing students in Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II/Trig. Summer school may not be used to accelerate. If your son/daughter is articulating from OPMS to the high school, please be advised that only an algebra course in which the entire text is covered will be considered equivalent to Algebra I at Ramona High School.


Department Goals:

Students of mathematics at Ramona High School should develop:

  1. Mathematical proficiency.
  2. Problem solving strategies and critical thinking skills.
  3. An awareness of mathematics as relevant to both daily life and career professions.
  4. Prepare to compete in the job market or perform satisfactorily on college math placement exams.

Math Course Descriptions:

Integrated Math I

Integrated Math II

Integrated Math II+

Integrated Math III

Integrated Math III+


AP Calculus A/B

AP Calculus B/C

AP Statistics

Preparing for College Algebra

Personal Finance/          Math Apps