Graduation Requirements

Ramona High School
Graduation Requirements

History/Social Science

3 years (30 credits), including:

World History (9th or 10th)

US History (11th)

Civics and Economics (12th)


4 years (40 credits)


3 years (30 credits)

*Must have Integrated Math II to graduate.


2 years (20 credits), including:

1 year Biological/Life Science  

1 year Physical Science  

Physical Education

2 years (20 credits)

Fine Arts or World Language or Career Technical Education

1 year (10 credits), can be either VAPA or World Language or Career Technical Education


75 credits needed in addition to above courses

Total Credits Needed

225 credits  (1 semester of a course = 5 credits)



** Please Note: College admission requirements are different than high school graduation requirements and may vary from college to college. Check each college's admissions web page for further detailed information.


Students must have completed at least…


50 Credits to qualify for Sophomore Status.


105 Credits to qualify for Junior Status.


160 Credits to qualify for Senior Status.


225 Credits to qualify for Graduation Ceremony & Diploma.