Edgenuity Information

Edgenuity General Information

Students must obtain a signed REGISTRATION form from their counselor before they will be allowed to enroll and register in the Edgenuity program.  Forms should be brought to the College & Career Center I64 between 1:30 and 5:00 Monday through Thursday to complete the process and begin work on the course.  

Students will register in the CC Center using the following link FIRST:

2017 Summer Edgenuity Program Registration

Registration form will then be given to the CC Counselor and she will enroll you in the appropriate course.  Students will have the summer to complete the course.  Please READ Registration form for a more detailed expectations for the course.  

Students MUST complete the registration information for the summer program.  Please click the link below and provide your information:

Edgenuity Student Log-In LINK: