New Course Proposal for Bulldog Connect

New Course Proposal Application

Prospective Instructor,
If you have any idea for a new course we can offer RHS students after school or on Saturdays, please complete the attached proposal form and submit it to me via email: or at Ramona High School.  All proposals are reviewed by the coordinator, student advisory board, and administration for approval.  You will be notified of the course status within a 2-week period.  No courses can begin without approval.  All academic support courses must maintain attendance a minimum of  10 students per meeting and enrichment courses 20 students per meeting. Any course falling below the minimum attendance requirements will be dropped the following session.  Recruitment of students to attend your course is the responsibility of the instructor!  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
Thank you for your interest in Bulldog Connect!
Mona Snodgrass
Connect Program Coordinator
Ramona High School