Visual/Performing Arts Department
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               The Arts it has been said,
        cannot change the world,
but they
        may change human beings
        who might change the world.  
Maxine Greene

   Jessica Cameron

         Abbie Weaver
     Lynne Pilkerton
     Visual Art

         Amy McClure

Liz Schaude

Visual Art
Department Chair

      Visual & Performing Arts                  Philosophy

         Civilization is defined by the arts. It is important for students to understand that the Visual and Performing Arts form a foundation and framework for our culture. The processes of the arts, both visual and performing allow students to discover individual talents, explore artistic strengths and uniquely express their ideas. Fundamentally, the Visual and Performing Arts help students enhance connections with concepts across all academic disciplines, and between cultures.

    •  Understand art are core subjects that enrich and are                    enriched by other disciplines.
    •  Enable students to understand that the arts communicate               across time and through culture.
    •  Develop students' skills, knowledge, self-discipline, time and           resource management needed for future success
    •  Create a safe environment necessary to take artistic risks         and develop self-esteem.
    •  Provide the opportunity to apply today's technology as it                 pertains to the Visual and Performing Arts.
    •  Foster a lifelong appreciation for the arts