RHS Physical Education Syllabus

Ramona High School

General PE Class Guidelines

Dress & Participation

All RHS PE students will be required to wear a PE uniform during PE Classes.  The RHS PE Uniform consist of:

Black Shorts (with student's name, teacher & period printed on front)

Blue T-Shirt  (with student's name, teacher & period printed on front)

Athletic Shoes (appropriate for running and physical activity)

Combination Lock

Flip-flops, Sandals or “dress Shoes” will constitute a Non-Suit and loss of Dress & Participation points.

Students/Parents may purchase the RHS PE uniform or purchase their own ensemble from any outside retailer as long as it fits within the RHS PE uniform guidelines (see above).

Note:If the purchase of the PE uniform is not an option or creates a hardship RHS PE staff will provide one.  (This option is not available as a daily loaner) Non-Suits

Receive -10 points (reg days) -20 points (block days). Consequences for multiple Non-suits:

@ 2 Parent contact & loss of points

@ 3 Admin Referral, parent contact, loss of points

* Students will be given an opportunity to make up 1 unexcused NS per 6 week grading period by Dressing Out & attending a PE make-up session after school during Bulldog Connect.

Fitness Requirement & Testing           

Physical Education is 2 year requirement for all students at RHS.  Within that requirement are minimum California State Fitness Standards (SB601Calif Fitness Gram) that include:

  • Timed Mile Run or Pacer Test

  • Curl-up

  • Push-up

  • Trunk lift

  • Flexibility test

  • Body Composition

Students MUST PASS 5 out of the 6 standards to satisfy the 2 year PE requirement.  All students will complete a Fall “pre-test” to determine current level of fitness (the results will be sent home for parent evaluation).  The real California FitnessGram will be administered during our spring testing window.

If a student misses and fails to make-up any portion of the California FitnessGram during the “Testing window” he/she will not satisfy the Physical Education requirement and will be required remain enrolled in PE until he/she satisfy the California Standards.

In addition to the California State Standards, Ramona High School Physical Education Department conducts its own Fitness Test every 6th week throughout the year. The RHS Fitness Test, although similar to the California Fit test, is more rigorous to ensure all RHS PE students are “physically fit”

That Test includes:

Mile Run




Sit & Reach

Locker Room & Lockers

There is NO FOOD, DRINKS or GUM allowed in the locker room or any other PE facility.  (Water is permitted and encouraged!)

Students are responsible for keeping “their” area of the locker room clean and orderly.

Students are not to share or borrow locks or lockers or to keep locks on the big “day use” lockers.  Doing so will result in loss of PE points and or locks being “cut-off” at the student's expense.

Physical Education make-ups

Students can make-up up to 3 excused absences per grading period for full credit after school during Bulldog Connect by signing in and participating.   After 3 make-ups, students may make-up an absence for ½ credit.   Non-suits, Unexcused absences or truancy can not be made up.

Medical conditions & extended absence

If a student cannot participate due to health issues a doctor’s note will be required.  If a major injury or physical condition exists or occurs, check with the instructor to modify activities.  If an injury or physical condition does not allow for “modified” PE, the student may be required to transfer out of PE so that they may fulfill another elective requirement and re-attempt taking PE the following semester or year.

If a student has a doctor’s note that requires more than a 2 week absence from physical activity, students will be put on an “independent study” assignment through edgenuity.

Note to parents & students:

RHS PE STAFF will not accept any “parent” notes to excuse your son/daughter (YOU) from suiting up and participating in PE.  If a student is sick, injured, or otherwise not feeling well enough to suit–up and participate in PE, they will be given a Non-suit and loss of points for that day.  If a student is truly unable to fully participate the instructor will modify the day’s activity or recommend attending Bulldog Connect for make ups, on case by case basis.

Also, please be reminded not to bring $$, cell phones & Ipods or anything else of value to store in the PE lockers.  RHS staff is not responsible for lost or stolen Items.


Grading & Grades

Students will receive up to 10 points per day (up to 20 points on block, fitness and or swim days) for being: on time, suiting up and participation & effort

Total Points and points earned will be tallied and posted online every Friday or at the close of each week.

Grades will be based on the following percentages:

60% on Suiting up & Participation & effort

30% on fitness tests & scores

10% on skills and development/written exams or other written assignments

90% of points earned & above = A

80-89% of points earned = B

70-79% of points earned = C

60-69% of points earned = D

Below 60% = F

Citizenship Grade will be based on: class behavior, attitude and language

If you have any questions or would like to contact me, please feel free to do so.  I have 1st period prep and I check messages and emails daily.

BOYS PE Office 760 787-4136/4137

Email: Coach Gabriel

        Coach Rodriguez

GIRLS PE Office: 760 787-4135

Email: Coach Bash

Coach Cameron

*Please review the RUSD Website (P.E Dept) for additional information @


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