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Class Expectations
What I expect from you...
This is a basic digital imaging course. My goal is to teach you how to shoot and compose photographs, manipulate images on the computer and print them. Students can earn an ‘A’ by being present, being engaged and ready to participate by taking notes, turning in your assignments as instructed and on time, participate in tests and trying your best, I’m not necessarily going to grade on creativity at this point.

What you can expect from me...
My goal is to help guide you through your discovery of the photographic process and to help you to establish a firm grasp on the technique. I will be here for you to bounce your ideas off of, to lead critiques and to promote a high level of conversation regarding class work. As your teacher, I will be looking to see how you push yourself to look at the world in creative ways. I am here to challenge you, and in that regard I am honest and hard, but ultimately, I want the best for all my students and will try to provide individual as well as group guidance.
I expect assignments to be done on time. We will be looking and talking about work on a weekly basis once we start shooting.

Use of the in-class digital cameras will be restricted to on campus use only during school hours. That restriction does not apply to those of you who will be using your own or your families cameras.