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Our Mission
Ramona High School will prepare its students to be responsible, healthy, ethical and productive citizens in a diverse global community. We will achieve this in an atmosphere of high expectations through standards-based instruction, which include challenging academic work and career orientation enhanced by technology. This will occur in an innovative, safe, and nurturing environment, which promotes collaboration between staff, students, parents and business community.

Mission Statement

The Ramona High School Community is committed to providing a rigorous education that promotes academic and career development for all in a safe and supportive environment
senior checkout!
All seniors MUST come to school for final checkout! There will be stations to go through and get checked off in order to verify all components needed to receive diplomas (return textbooks, pay fines, grades, earned credits, completed senior survey, etc).
Tuesday or Wednesday from 9am - 3pm
This process will take some time so students should be arriving between 9am - 2pm on either day.
Work Permits
See Ms Salow in the front office
we are here to help!
Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. Email teachers directly with any questions about their class or assignments.

Any other concerns please email our administrators.

Principal Tony Newman:

Ast Principal Antoinette Rodriguez:

Ast Principal Mike Ernst:
final days rhs will be open!
The last days RHS will be open is June 2-3 from 9am - 3pm. Any textbooks that still need to be returned MUST happen by June 3. All completed work was due Friday May 29th. If you have individual questions about grading, please contact the teacher directly.