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Attendance Policies
Attendance Policies
(Within 48 Hours)
A parent must call the All Day Absence line at (760) 787-4017 and leave a message with the following info:
• name of the student
• date of the absence
• reason for absence
• name of the person calling
• telephone number in the event there are questions.

Partial Day Absences / Off Campus Passes

If you need a pass off campus for a partial day absence, the preferred method is to send a note. Please include the Date, Student’s name, the time they need to leave campus, the reason they are leaving and parent/guardian signature.
No Off Campus Passes will be issued in the last 30 min. of the school day.

If you forget to send a note you can call (760) 787-4016 to request a pass.
Please allow ample time to pull your student from class.
**Students who leave campus without a pass will be marked truant**

Tardy to School
If you are less than 30 minutes late and do not have a note from your parent, go straight to class.
Over 30 minutes late to school? You must stop by the attendance windows and get a pass to class.
Reminder: Parents can excuse a morning tardy by sending in a signed note or calling (760) 787-4016. Student can then stop by and get an excused tardy pass to class. We will also excuse a tardy with a Doctor’s note.

Lunchtime Policy
The policy at Ramona High School is that only Seniors have off campus privileges during lunch time. All other students will need a parent/guardian to sign the student out at the attendance desk in the office.