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Distant Learning Google Classroom

15 days ago

By Bob Richardson

Google classroom instructon

All students must log into google classroom

In the upper righthand corner, click on the plus (+) sign to "join a class". 

Then enter the following code: ulq3sqc 

Assignments will then be available.

NJROTC Quarterdeck - Google Classroom - code: ld6adsa

I have created a quarterdeck "Blog" for you to ask questions, share stories of your "social distancing", or whatever you feel like talking about.  When you sign in, check in with your favorite social distancing activity this week. - Chief

COVID-19 & School Updates
3/20 - School closure has been extended through April 14th.
Important Information
Senior Naval Science Instructor
CDR Rick Jordan
Phone: 760-787-4151

Naval Science Instructor
Chief Bob Richardson
Phone: 760-787-4151

Want reminders for NJROTC? Join

NJROTC class code: @9ad84

Go to or get the app - provide the class code above to join - students and parents/guardians are all welcome!
Current Schedule
Period 1 - NS 1, 2, 3, 4 (1st PLT)
Period 2 - NS 1, 2, 3, 4 (2nd and 3rd PLT)
Period 3 - Credit Recovery/Flexisched Management
Period 4 - NS 1, 2, 3, 4 (4th & 5th PLT)
Period 5 - NS 1, 2, 3, 4 (6th & 7th PLT)
Period 6 - PREP

Monday: Uniform Inspection, Drill & Ceremony

Tuesday: Academics

Wednesday/Thursday: Physical Fitness

Friday: Academics
Ramona NJROTC Bulldog Company
Welcome Aboard!

We are NJROTC, the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. Our curriculum features topics such as maritime heritage, the significance of sea power, the fundamentals of naval operations, seamanship, navigation, and meteorology. In addition to our classroom education, we participate events including Physical Fitness, CYBER Patriots, Orienteering, Drill, Academics, Marksmanship, Leadership, and Community Service.

Our NJROTC unit has earned the Distinguished Unit Award every year since 2011, which is the highest award that can be given to an NJROTC program that signifies that the unit is in the top 30% of units nation-wide!

Some of the characteristics that NJROTC promotes include leadership, compassion, personal honor, individual discipline, responsibility, teamwork, and citizenship.